Thank you for your interest in our publications. Our first book, “Kenya and the Terrible Tornado Toilet”,  is part of the Kenya Lancer Series. Every book in this series stresses the importance of having good character and on learning a valuable lesson. KenyaLancerBooks-AuthorLisaBell

This lesson is expressed in a positive, lighthearted, and humorous format through the eyes of a young, sassy kindergartner. The books are designed to help your child or children identify with the character and laugh out loud.

Kenya is a hilariously sassy little girl, who is attending kindergarten for the very first time. Join her as she encounters new experiences, new friends, and new fears. Her biggest fear is the loud, scary, monster- like toilet in her classroom’s bathroom. It swirls and churns like a giant tornado and it appears ready to suck her down and flush her away forever. When she realizes that she is unable to avoid it, with a little help, she discovers her own funny ways to overcome her fear of it.

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